The customer is always right…..


What makes a successful business? There are lots of reasons but at the top of the list has to be great customer service.

Its dreadful to think that nearly one-third of consumers think that businesses are paying less attention to providing great customer service and where over 80% of companies boast they provide “superior” customer service, only 8% of customers actually agree with them.

We have always recognised that Customer service is critical to the success of the business and what it actually means to us – listening and understanding what a customer wants, reacting as quickly as possible to questions and requests, solving problems efficiently and providing the best product we can. So, from the initial enquiry through to delivery and beyond, our focus is on our customers and their journey with us.

Getting to know and understand our customers, their priorities and limitations is a so important. Customers can so easily be forgotten once an order has been placed but for us, that’s just the very start and our mission as always been to try and retain as many customers as possible.

If you get it right, it reaps dividends not only with repeat orders but with word of mouth endorsements which in our industry, is a hugely positive outcome.

One of the most important aspects of delivering good customer service is that the mantry is engrained in all our staff so whoever you speak to, the same high standard is given.

The Lovell Stone Group team know that it’s a significant part of our success, our culture and our focus so whoever you are, wherever you are, we hope you feel like the most important customer in the world!

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