White lias


  • White lias was formed in the late Triassic period.
  • It is part of the Penarth Group, a multi-layered bed of stone formed from shale and limestone.
  • At the base of the Penarth Group is a bone-bed yielding ancient marine, reptilian and ammonite fossils.

White lias up close 

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Lias in its rarest form

White lias was laid down in the late Triassic period, and is more than 205 million years old. A particularly fine-grained form of limestone, it is traditionally only quarried in Somerset and infrequently in Warwickshire.

White lias makes an excellent building stone. It can be seen in the towns of Midsummer Norton, Radstock and Wincanton, and varies in colour from white-cream to pale grey.

White lias is also suitable for internal flooring.

Blue lias
For building, paving and internal flooring


Grey lias
For building and heritage maintenance


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