Our iconic Somerset lias is primarily used for building stone and can be seen in a range of residential developments throughout the region. Its colour variation and quality makes it the perfect choice for both small and large scale building projects and only improves over time.

White Lias

White lias was laid down in the late Triassic period, and is more than 205 million years old. A particularly fine-grained form of limestone, it is traditionally only quarried in Somerset and occasionally in Warwickshire.

White lias makes an excellent building stone. It can be seen in the towns of Midsummer Norton, Radstock and Wincanton, and varies in colour from white-cream to pale grey.

Blue Lias

Blue lias dates back to the early Jurassic period, and is 195-205 million years old. It is made from layers of compressed shale and limestone, and is renowned for its ammonite fossils. The blue-grey colour occurs as a result of its high iron content, enclosed for the most part in pyrite crystals.

Blue lias can be located in the towns of Glastonbury, Somerton, Street and Ilchester, which are local to its source. It features some brown banding which weathers to a pale yellow/grey.

Grey Lias

Grey lias is a Triassic limestone which is a stunning blue / grey colour. Its hard grained and is perfect for heritage building projects. It comes from a single bed and sits in between blue and white lias giving it its lighter blue / grey colouring.